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Bad Faith is two shows in one: it's a panel show about politics and pop culture with a rotating cast of performers and politicians, artists and activists, writers and radicals; and it's a two-way podcast where two people from two very different parts of the left make the case for one less terrible world. 

Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy) is a former attorney, National Press Secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign, co-host of campaign podcast Hear The Bern, and a journalist who is early enough in her political career that she remains (tragically) sanguine.

Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas) is an internet user and co-host of Chapo Trap House.

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Dec 31, 2020

Fulfilling Briahna's long standing ambitions, we finally did a full on Star Trek episode. We invited back comedian Wyatt Cenac to resolve our episode five feud over whether Star Trek is a useful on-ramp for socialism or, instead, is merely dressed up space imperialism. We're also joined by Sasheer Zamata from Hulu's Woke, and Josh Olson of the excellent West Wing Thing podcast. If you don't already love Star Trek, you will after this. Or not. Virgil didn't. Enjoy this break from politics. Mostly.

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